A.Vogel Bambu Coffee Substitute 100gm

A.Vogel Bambu Coffee Substitute 100gm

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A.Vogel Bambu Coffee Substitute 100gm


Bambu® is made according to the original recipe of the world-renowned Swiss Naturopath Alfred Vogel and has been popular for over 50 years.

  • Bambu® is a delicious alternative to coffee. It is traditionally used as a hot beverage, to be added to boiled water or hot milk, but it is equally good as a cold "café latté" drink... one sip will convince you!
  • Bambu® contains absolutely no caffeine and is produced from only pure, natural organically grown ingredients.
  • No chemicals, no preservatives, nothing artificial.
  • It was in the1950s that Alfred Vogel created the taste of Bambu®, which has stood the test of time. This unique alternative to coffee contains chicory, acorns, figs and other cereals organically grown in Europe.

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