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Last year I contacted the Society before our visit to NZ and you sent me a fantastic set of information about where to find gluten free foods and details of restaurants etc. region by region. The information was the best I have come across anywhere in the world and made our whole trip a pleasure for eating. Please would you send me an updated version of your information sheet for visitors as we were so encouraged we are coming back in December (actually my husband (the coeliac) was threatening to emigarate just on the basis of the bread he got from IE Produce in Takapuna). I have accessed the website and printed off details of manufactured foods listed. Thank you.
Elizabeth Ballantine

Hi Joyce
Last night I attended your wonderful seminar hosted by your shop. It was the first one I have been to & was so pleased I came. I will certainly look forward to coming along on a regular basis. What a lot I learnt & would like to thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity for people to come along & gain such valuable information.
I purchased the wonderful Oscar juicer from you recently. Wow! Just loving it.

Thank you much for your information, it is so important as I shop with you. Keep smiling,
Kind times. Kenny

Hi Joyce

I just wanted say an immense thank you for hosting the juicing evening. I was blown away by the information I received - I had been told about it by a friend and had expected a simple 'how to juice' talk. I have been battling with chronic inflammation markers and despite being in my 30s have had two lots of bowel surgery - the most recent last week. I was delighted to find out that some of the issues I have been dealing with may be related to the food I eat and I have spent today researching some of the topics covered. Most telling is the change in my energy levels after last week's surgery - which involved clearing the digestive system - I have been feeling so good and perhaps it is because some of the toxic build-up in my body was removed. As a result of that, and the information at your evening I will be working very hard to make sure that alkaline and whole foods become a much larger part of my diet.
My only regret is that I live on the Hibiscus Coast and am not near your wonderful store. I will be making time next weekend to come and have a good look at the products you stock and will stock up for a good few weeks - unfortunately not on fresh foods!
Many thanks again. I look forward to attending some of the other evenings you mentioned.
Barbara T

IE Produce- a great website- colourful, clear and comprehensive. Easy to navigate and updated regularly; unlike many websites out there. Love the changing images on the homepage which highlight the latest specials on offer.
Jacqui W

Hi Joyce,
Hope you are well. Just to let you know that I really enjoyed those organic carrots you gave me yesterday.
My son and I shared one and then I juiced the rest with two apples.
The difference I noticed between your carrots and the ones I buy from the supermarket, is that the juice from your carrots tasted really good. When I juice carrots bought from the supermarket, they always leave a aftertaste… somewhat acrid/bitter (cant find the right word). Your carrots on the other had left no aftertaste and I get the impression that they have a better ph balance.
All in all, there was a big difference in taste and also in how the juice felt being absorbed in the tummy :-)
Kind regards,
Norma V

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your June seminars. They have been informative and useful, and most importantly have turned my life upside down and inside out! I have changed my eating habits and look forward to learning more about healthy eating. I will keep coming!


Hi Joyce and Louise
A quick note to say a big thank you for the "Cooking Up a Storm" CD Rom that I won at your great, informative Sea Vegetable lecture.
What a lovely surprise to have it gifted. It's much appreciated, you are always very generous. I will share it with Carolyn Smith and Pauline Baker, friends who often come to your lectures also.
I'm looking forward to the next lecture, John Appleton, please book me in.
Susan Edmonds

Very overdue I know Joyce! I receive many emails in my job, so most nights/weekends I can't stand the thought of opening my email and reading/sending more, which results in me getting behind in my personal emails; it’s bad I know, but it’s reality (unfortunately).
So here's my testimonial

I ummed and arred for several weeks about buying an Oscar Juicer; it's not that I didn’t want a juicer; rather it was a bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay. After Joyce convinced me of the benefits, I bought one (Oscar Neo DA 1000) and 5 weeks later I can confidently say it was worth every penny! I absolutely love it and that's without even trying the added features of making nut butter and pasta!
I have had a centrifugal juicer in the past; it was noisy, a pain to clean and although I didn't know this at the time, destroyed many of the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients in the fruit/vegetable due to it’s juicing method. The Oscar is considerably quieter (although the noise alters depending on the fruit/vegetable you are juicing), is extremely sturdy, is easy to clean, definitely produces more juice and because of it’s cold press juicing method, does not destroy the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients in the fruit/vegetable, resulting in a ‘live’ juice.
Although I have not tired any other cold press juicer, I am incredibly happy with my Oscar and would recommend it to others; the only down side is your fruit and vegetable bill will go up considerably!!!!
Speak soon
Sherie H

Dear IEproduce
I am emailing to say thank you very much for the amazing delivery service of my order yesterday, it was personally delivered by Mrs IEproduce herself! WOW, I was impressed. Mrs IEproduce stayed for a cuppa, she even brought her own teabag and other goodies! And also a box of STASH teabags, which I will need to pay for, as I thought I had ordered it but didnt. Please let Mrs IEproduce know that we will be ordering frequently now and that shes most welcome to deliver anytime!

Dear Joyce and Phillip,
Congratulations on your website! It’s fabulous! So appealing, and makes me hungry just browsing!
Thanks to you and your beautiful quality organic produce, we had a feast at the weekend, in honour of my dad’s 60th birthday! We all cooked a plate each, and much of it was sourced from your shop!
So thank you again, from a long term fan & dedicated IE Produce customer!
Natalie Baragwanath

Whatever you have is great and we enjoy all produce we have bought from you. In the imortal, words you are what you eat, IE produce is a winner. We hope to visit the Food Show and look forward to seeing you there.
Regards Julie Hobson.

Hi Joyce and Phil, I have been sampling the on-line delivery companies for organics over the past month and a half. Yours is the easiest to navigate site. The pictures are clear and give you an idea of exactly what you will get. Your secure payment is great. My box of goodies arrived promptly and well packaged. The produce was of excellent quality. All up your service is the best I have tried within the Auckland area - I am writing a small article for a parent magazine about this so very well done. After my trial is over I will be using your service regularly. Also thank you very much for responding to my query about certified and non-certified foods - your explaination was really good.
Thanks again, L H

Hi! A quick note to say if youre not already shopping on-line with ie Produce for your fruit & veges, breads, snacks & everything else imaginable then you need to check it out!
Were so impressed by not only the great supply but the excellent service we have received from ie Produce
Knowing how easy & convenient it is to shop with these guys makes me wonder why we didnt get onto it sooner it not only saves us time but it means we are now able get organised in our busy lives to actually have fresh fruit & veges in the house which hasnt been possible for a long time!
Arriving home after a hectic & long day at work to find a perfectly packed, wonderfully fresh, well priced box full of goodies waitingabsolute luxury knowing that every day we have the fridge & pantry full of all the fresh/organic produce we need for the week is a huge relief!
Give it a go! :)
Catch up with you soon

Hi Joyce,
I just wondered if you would like to read an email one of your customers sent us.
The first email is at the bottom.
Kind regards

Uncle Joes Walnuts and hazelnuts
> > Message: Hi Uncle Joe staff,
> >
> > Just some quick feedback on your products (the walnuts and walnut oil in
> > particular): AMAZING! I love every bite, every splash of oil on my skin
> > and every time the smokey rich flavour hits me like a hurricane! LOVE IT.
> > I've told everyone about you and I hope to see you expand and make more
> > nut oils in the future! Greetings from Auckland!
.. From Tara

Well thank you very much, what a neat way to end a busy week and a Friday.
> We really hope you keep enjoying our great Marlborough products.
> Where do you purchase them.
> Regards
> Jenny

Thanks Jenny! I buy them (obsessively like the maniac that I am) at I.E.Produce (North Shore, Auckland).

Please pass this message on to everyone. I LOVE YOUR WALNUTS!
Have a great weekend!

Dear Joyce,

It's Marie,the French student from VENERDI,
Congratulations on your website:handy, appealing ,full of life! I like it !
But, Phil and I, were dissapointed to see we don't appear on your website!
In the GF /breads TOPIC...no VENERDI bread... Why?
If you need, we can send you pictures of our products to put on!Just let me know which one do you want!

Thanks to you again for the nice welcome!
I hope,I will have the opportunity to see you again.
If I go to TAKAPUNA,I already know where I am going for food shopping!

see you

Marie for VENERDI

Organic Times Gems (organic smarties)

Oh, and next time you see Joyce, can you tell her the gems are very much appreciated. Cooper plays with it like a shaker, shakes out all the gems, then crawls around picking them up and eating them one by one... definitely Cooper appropriate :-) I haven't seen her at the shop since Cooper's birthday to thank her in person.

dear joyce & phillip,

thank you for the lovely xmas tarts . much appreciated.and thank you & your team for all the service you give through the year .It's a pleasure shopping with you. hope you have a relaxing break .. all the best for the new year..marie


Excellent Produce

Eye appealing, quality produce C reasonable prices.

I like shopping here very much, very fresh.

Very fresh & staff always helpful.

Good to see fresh stock consistently, I think youre doing really well.

Simply the best.

Just the best in service & produce.

I come here because produce is fresh (no junk) & good prices.


Consistently good produce & service.

I always shop here on a Sunday after working at Shore City C great produce, best in Auckland.

Its a good shop, everything is always nice & fresh. The staff are lovely & friendly.
Think you have a good selection already.

Excellent shop.

We live rurally and coming into winter we have had quite a lot of mouse and rat activity in a concrete block and stucco house. We were spending quite a bit on traps and bait. We ordered two of these units and haven’t seen a single sign of either since plugging them in. We are so impressed we’ve just ordered two more for the barn and shed areas. Thanks very much for a truly excellent product.
Hazel Bell

I picked up one of your Pest Free units at the Auckland Gluten Free Food Show in May 2009. I would just like to say thank you. Usually over winter we get hit with many mice trying to get into the store room to get at our gluten free ingredients, but this year we have seen them outside looking in but not one mouse has entered the premise. It is simply wonderful.
Is there any chance that you can develop something as good to deter ants?
Elocin Specialty Foods

A good friend advised me to consider the Pest Free devices and I watched the TV advertisement with interest. In the end as a very cynical consumer I decided that since there is a money back guarantee that I actually had nothing to lose in buying the devices. So I rang up and placed my order. Personally I found Michele and her team very helpful to deal, their advice on getting the most out of the Pest Free device was spot on. After installing the Pest free devices in my home the mice were very confused and I noticed them everywhere at first – suddenly as promised they just disappeared, obviously my home environment is now too difficult for them to live within. This is a very good product and a sound investment”
Kerry Mancer
Country Manager
LASER Corporation New Zealand. Ltd.

Good morning,
Thank you so very much for delivering the unit to my work today. I purchased one a couple of months ago and am delighted with the results! I really appreciate this as I want to give it as a gift. Hopefully for your business more people will recommend your product and the word will spread quickly.
Again, thank you for being kind enough to go out of your way to help me.

Have a great weekend.
Kind regards
Christie McNeil-Melville
Crockers Strata Management Ltd

Viva city NZ Herald

I E Produce in Barry’s Point Road (Takapuna). We buy fruit and vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, cheese, herbs. We’re on a mission to convert poeole. Now I’ve got people at work going there.
Andreas Mikellis